A first-time user or a returning user can change the profile settings of their user account.

In this section, you will understand how to update the following:

Change Credentials

In order to adhere to your organization's security best-practices, you are required to change your ETL Validator user account's password regularly.

To change credentials,

  1. Mouse hover over the <user> and select Change Credentials.
  2. In the Change User Credentials screen, complete the following details:
    • Current Password. Enter your current password
    • New Password. Enter a new password. This should be different from the old passwords. 
    • Confirm Password. Re-enter the new password for the sake of confirmation.
  3. Click Save.

Change Container

Mouse hover over <user>, navigate to Containers and select the desired container from the available list.

User Preferences

At any point, you can choose to set the default values for container, source and target database, test folder, and so on.

To set the user preferences,

  1. Mouse hover over the <user> and select User Preferences.
  2. In the User Preferences screen, complete the following details:
    • Default Container. Select the preferred default container to use.
    • Target Connection. Select the preferred target database connection.
    • Source Connection. Select the preferred source database connection. 
    • Test Suite. Select the preferred test suite.
    • Test Folder. Select the preferred test folder.               
  3. Click Save.


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