You will need to set up SMTP Server if you want your users to send and receive email notifications about test case results. 

Add or Edit SMTP Settings

To add or edit SMTP settings:

  1. Navigate to Admin Options > SMTP Settings.
  2. Complete the following details:
    • SMTP Email Server. Enter the hostname of the SMTP Server. You can check your SMTP server name from your email client or contact your administrator. For Microsoft Exchange, the SMTP connector may need to be enabled by your administrator if it is not already done before.
    • SMTP Port. Enter the port number on which the SMTP server is listening. The default port for TLS is 587 and SSL is 465.
    • SMTP User. Enter the email address of the SMTP user.
    • SMTP Password. Enter the password of the SMTP user.
    • Server Security Type. Depending on your mail client/SMTP plug-in, select SSL or TLS for a secure connection.
  3. Click Test to verify if the connection is successful.
  4. Click Save to save the SMTP Server settings.

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