Parameters are used in test cases to apply a criteria on source and target data sources. This is helpful in scenarios when you want to apply new changes to the test case, without any direct intervention with the test case execution. It helps you make changes from outside the test case by simply changing the parameter.

For example, you create a parameter to get a customer with name Joe from a Customer table and insert this parameter in a Query Compare Test Case which is scheduled to run daily. In this case, now that you have a parameter in the test case, you change the criteria outside the test case by changing the parameter to get a customer with name Chris.

Create a Parameter

To create a parameter,

  1. From the side navigation menu, click PARAMETERS.
  2. Click Parameter +.
  3. In the Create Parameter dialog, complete the following fields:
    • Name. Enter a name for the parameter.
    • Test Suite. Select the test suite where the desired folder that will hold the parameter, is located.
    • Test Folder. Select the test folder that will contain the new parameter. 
    • Description. Enter a description about the parameter.
    • Parameter. Enter the parameter definition.
    • Ignore parameter in run mode. If selected, the test case where this parameter is inserted into the query, will be run without the parameter.
  4. Click Save to save the details.
  5. Click Close.

Edit or Delete a Parameter

You can always go back and change a parameter, or you can delete a parameter if it is no longer required. When you edit or delete a parameter, the results of all the test cases where the parameter is used will be effected.

To edit or delete a parameter,

  1. From the side navigation menu, click PARAMETERS.
  2. In the Parameters tree, select the folder containing the parameter you wish to edit or delete.

  3. Select the parameter and do any of the following:
  • Change Name, Test Folder, Test Suite, Description, Parameter, or  Ignore parameter in run mode, and click Update.
  • Click Delete.

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