On this page, you will find the instructions for Single-Tier setup:

Default Ports

Below are the default ports of components that will be installed. Please ensure these ports are open.

Component Port
Tomcat 6050


*Pgbouncer 6075

*Service which access the PostgreSQL database

Run the Setup File

To install ETL Validator in single-tier, perform the following steps:

  1. Obtain / download the ETLValidator_Complete.exe setup file. Trial users and newly subscribed users can download the latest version of ETL Validator from our website
  2. Copy the setup file to the computer/laptop intended for single-tier setup.
  3. Double-click the setup file to launch the installer with License Agreement page displayed.
  4. Select I accept the agreement to accept the terms and agreement of the Datagaps license. Click Next to continue.  
  5. In the Select Destination Location page, select the directory where ETL Validator should be installed. By default, the Setup will install ETL Validator in C:\ drive. To change the installation directory, click Browse and select the folder path. Click Next to continue.     
  6. In the Select Additional Tasks page, select Create a desktop shortcut if you want to create a desktop icon for ETL Validator. Click Next to continue.
  7. In the Ready to Install page, click Install to begin the installation. Allow sufficient time for the installer to complete the installation.
  8. Click Finish to exit the installer when the installation has been completed successfully.


The following services are automatically created during the installation of ETL Validator:

Component Service
ETL Validator Server Datagaps ETL Validator Server
Database DatagapsETLValidatorDatabase_10.3
Pgbouncer DatagapsETLValidatorpgbouncer_1.8.1


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