A File Watcher is an ETL Validator server process that monitors for new files in a specific directory and kicks off the Test Plan. The folder being monitored by the File Watcher should be accessible by the ETL Validator Server.

When a new file with the specified naming pattern arrives in the specified folder, the File Watcher process renames the file as defined in the file watcher entry and Kicks off the test plan.

When the File Watcher Entry is created, user can also specify the number of test cases that can run in parallel when the test plan is kicked off.

Add a File Watcher

To add a File Watcher,

  1. Navigate to Utilities > File Watcher.
  2. Click Add +.
  3. In the Add File Watcher screen, complete the following details:
    • Name. Enter a name for file watcher.
    • Connection. Select a flat file connection.
    • File Pattern. Specify the file pattern the File Watcher should watch for incoming files. 
    • Rename File To. Specify the filename to which the file should be renamed to when the File Watcher encounters the file with the pattern specified.
    • File Extension. Specify the file extension of the renamed file.
    • Test Plans. Select all the applicable test plans where File Watcher will look for incoming files. Please note that you can select multiple test plans.
    • Parallel Run Count. Specify the count of test plans to run in parallel.
    • Is Active? Select this checkbox to make the file watcher active.

  4. Click Save.

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