ETL Validator can be deployed in the following two topologies:


Typically used by a single user, this topology consists of ETL Validator Client and Server running on the same windows 7 computer while the repository is a Postgresql database. It can be setup by running the installer available in the "ETL Validator Complete" download file. The installer automatically installs the ETL Validator Client, the Postgresql database for the repository / workschema and the server running on tomcat7. This configuration does require JDK 1.7 or later and .Net 4.5 Framework Full. The embedded Postgresql database also includes a schema with sample data.


In this topology, the ETL Validator Client and Server are installed seperately on different computers using "ETL Validator Client Only" and "ETL Validator Server" installation files. The server can be deployed in any J2EE application server but Tomcat 7 or later is recommended. The server also requires JDK 1.7 or later. Oracle database is typically used as the Repository/Workschema database deployed centrally for all the users to connect.


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