A data model is required for query building, testing referential integrity, identification of noisy data in a data warehouse, and several other purposes. A data model contains tables from the data source. After adding a data source, you need to create a data model. 

To create a data model for the data source,

  1. On the side menu, click DATA SOURCES.
  2. In the data source connection row, click Create in the Data Model column.
  3. In the Add Table(s) dialog, do the following:
    1. Select the checkboxes to add specific tables that you need or click Select all if you want to add all of the tables.
    2. By default, the entities are also added. If you wish not to add entities, clear the Automatically add entities checkbox.
    3. Click OK. The data model is created and the Data Model Editor screen appears.
  4. In the Data Model Editor, you can make further changes to Tables and Links, Entities, and Operators.
  5. Exit the Data Model Editor. The Create button in the Data Model column is now changed to the View/Update button.
For more information about Data Model Editor, please refer to the Korzh documentation.

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