The Execute Query is a tool to run SQL queries outside the test case. You may prefer to use the Execute Query tool to run SQL queries while you are waiting for the test case or test plan to complete the execution. You simply starting typing the query or use the Query Builder utility to create a SQL query. Prior to creating a query in the Execute Query tool, you must have the connection to the data source first. You can open more than one Execute Query window and run queries for different data sources. For example, if you have two data sources, one as source and the other as target, you can open two Execute Query windows, and run the queries on source and target data sources for comparison. 

The table below lists the options available in the Execute Query tool.

Component Description
Select ConnectionThe data source connection selected will be used for creating a SQL query.

It allows you to execute the SQL query.

It allows you to calculate the actual count of records returned by the SQL query. Only the record count will be displayed.

It opens a new Execute Query window.
It opens the Parameters window. You can select the parameters to use in the SQL query.
It allows you to undo the changes.
It allows you to reverse the undo changes.  

It allows you to set timeout in minutes for the ETL Server to wait before the query produces results.
Build QueryIt opens the Rule Builder to create a SQL query by using the drag-and-drag method.
View ModelIt opens the Data Model defined for the data source selected.
Show 'x' recordsThe results returned by the SQL query will be limited to the count of records mentioned here.
Export to ExcelIt allows you to export the query results to Excel format.
Export to CSVIt allows you to export the query results to CSV format.


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