ETL Validator is the most comprehensive solution for automating the testing of data integration and data warehouse projects. It makes use of Datagaps' patented ELV architecture (Extract, Load and Validate) to extract test data from heterogeneous data sources, load data into a test data store, and run validations on the test data set.

Use ETL Validator to,

  • Compare and report results from data integration and data warehouse source to target ETL data loads
  • Create test case repositories with multiple test cases to be used for periodic and regression tests
  • Create definition of data source and target model rules to support data profiling and data validity testing
  • Test relational database (RDBMS) referential integrity (i.e., primary and foreign key integrity among tables), including flat file and big data test capabilities
  • Compare data file and database metadata (e.g., Development Vs. Test) when they should be the same
  • Create test cases using a SQL Query Builder for multiple source to single target test verifications

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