You will need to create user accounts for users who wish to access DataOps Suite.

Add a User

Before adding a user, add a container the user will belong to. 

To add a user,

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings Manage Access > Users.
  2. Click User + at the top-right corner.
  3. Complete the following fields:
    • First Name. Enter the user's first name.
    • Last Name. Enter the user's last name.
    • User Name. Enter a unique username for the user. 
    • Password. Enter a temporary password for the username.
    • Email. Select this checkbox if the user is in the LDAP directory.
    • Products. Select which applications the users can access. Select Test Data Manager, Data Flow, or both 
    • Permissions. Assign the following permissions if you want the user to have additional privileges.
      • Access to Admin Menu. Select this checkbox if the user will have access to Admin menu.
      • Create or Modify Data Sources. Select this checkbox to allow the user to create and modify data sources.
    • Containers. Select the checkbox for the desired containers that the user will have access to. A user must be assigned to at least one Container.
  4. Click Save at the top-right corner.

Edit a User

After a user has been created, you can always go back and change their settings. For example, there might be need to change permissions, change/reset password, or change the container. 

To edit a user,

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > Manage Access > Users
  2. In the user row, click the Edit icon.
  3. Change the desired options.
  4. Click Update. The changes are saved.

Delete a User

You may wish to delete a user if you want to remove access to the DataOps Suite temporarily. 

Information You cannot delete the default 'admin' user account.

To delete a user,

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings Manage Access > Users.
  2. In the user row, click the Delete icon. The user is moved to the Recycles page.
  3. In the confirmation that appears stating whether the user can be deleted, click Yes.

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