This help topic lists the prerequisites for deploying DataOps Suite.

Hardware Requirements

Below are the hardware requirements.

Component Minimum Recommended
Processor Quad-Core Processor 
Dual Quad-Core Processor 
Memory (RAM) 16 GB 32 GB (or as high as possible)
Hard Drive 120 GB(SSD) As high as possible
Display 1024x768 

Software Requirements

Below are the software requirements.

  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Oracle Java 8 or OpenJDK 8(comes bundled with DataOps Suite)
  • Tomcat 9 or later (comes bundled with DataOps Suite)

Browser Requirements

To log in to DataOps Suite, always use latest version of Chrome.

Default Ports

The following table lists the default ports of various components used in running DataOps Suite, and describes how they are used. Please ensure with your systems administrator that these ports are free.

Component Port Usage



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