This help topic provides a brief overview of Livy session and describes the procedural steps to end a Livy session.


Livy Sessions interact with Spark to process data requests between Livy Server and your specific cluster. The Livy Sessions tab displays both active and idle sessions. Each Livy session displays the following information:

Name Description
Livy Connection The name of the Livy Server
Livy Session ID The session Id of the Livy Server
Started By  The user who initiated the Livy Session
Started Date The date and time when the Livy Session was started.
Status Displays the current status of Livy Session - know whether the session is idle or running.
Driver Cores Number of cores to use for the driver process
Driver Memory Amount of memory to use for the driver process
Executor Cores Number of cores to use for each executor
Executor Memory Amount of memory to use per executor process

End a Livy Session

You want to end a Livy Session in scenarios where, a) connections have exceeded the maximum allowed and new sessions are going into dead state or b) Livy servers have exhausted maximum number of allowed active/idle connections.

To end a Livy session,

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > Livy > Livy Sessions.
  2. Select the Livy session and click End Session.

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