Metadata is the underlying structure and the data it contains in a data source. Depending on the type of data source, a metadata includes tables, columns, schema, indexes, and relationships, and more. Having a connection to a data source is just not enough, along with the connection, you must have the data too. Once the connection to a data source is created, you will need to extract the metadata. 

To extract metadata from a data source,

  1. On the side menu, click Data Sources.
  2. Click on the data source name or click the Edit icon to open the data source details.
  3. Click Extract Metadata from Source.
Information Alternatively, you can extract metadata when adding a JDBC component.

Handling Schema and Data Changes

After the connection is created in DataOps Suite, it should not be a big surprise to you if the schema and data is changed. To manage schema and data changes, there is a Retrieve Metadata button icon available in the JDBC Component. This allows you to pull the changes directly from the data source by avoiding any hardcore changes. Since no one can be as close to data as you are, you can easily figure out the latest changes in the table structure.  

There is also a Refresh Changes button icon in the component. Clicking this button refreshes the changes based on the schema and data available in the repository for the data source.


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