What's new

  1.  Data profile, Data rule and Data pipelines are included.

  2. Recent runs: Added download report functionality

  3. We are supporting Netezza.

  4. Added design diagram in dataflow interactive mode

  5. Mongo SSL and mongo normal connections are tested

  6. Using spark version 2.4.4

  7. Mongo SSL and normal connections are tested.​


What’s new:

  • Recent runs screen implemented

  • Livy session status added in interactive mode and in batch mode

  • Data flow run status added in batch mode

  • Supporting python in code component (spark R needs to be added)


  • When clicks on Run data flow,now we are navigating to diagram screen immediate

  • Query editor scroll issue got fixed



  • Hive with Kerberos issue fix 

  • Datacompare collection datatype fix

  • Repository change from  WIN1252 to UTF-8

  • Mongo support fixed for srv type.

  • DB Upgrade fixes


What's new :

  • User interface redesign of Dataflow components for improved user experience. 

  • Support for Mongo DB Datasource added.

  • Added support for Azure Data Lake Datasource.

  • Newly add Recent Run screen to provide you with an option to view and download the latest  Dataflow runs.

  • Search button is added in Data Compare mapping pop-up

  • Auto calculation of lower and upper bound of Partition option for JDBC component is added.


  • Now non primitive types are also supported in the Data Compare component.

  • When selecting the “Remap By Name '' or “Remap By  Order” in the Data Compare dropdown, it will no longer misbehave. 

  • Intermediate crashes – known problems encountered more often, have been eliminated. If some system crashes inevitably exist, as soon as we know what they are, we will eliminate that too.

​2019.1 Hotfix

Added cassandra SSL trust store functionality


What's new

  • Able to compare the data retrieved from rest api and cassandra table data

  • Supporting HDFS,HDFS Kerberos, Hadoop Hive, Hadoop Hive kerberos and S3


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