You can create data source connections for File-Based, Relational, Big Data, Cloud, and NoSQL sources. A connection is created to read data from a data source or to write data to a data source.To support these functions, each data source has Read and Write options. To learn which data sources are supported by DataOps Suite, see Supported Data Sources

For data testing, data management, data synchronization, data quality, data movement, and test data tasks, the first step is to create a connection to your data source.

The steps below walk you through the general navigational procedure that applies to all types of data sources. For specific information on each data source, please see Technological Database Connections and File Connections.

Before you start creating a connection, ensure that you are connected to the right container.

To create a connection to a data source,

  1. On the side menu, click Data Sources.
  2. Click Data Source +.
  3. Select the required data source type. For data files, you will also need to select the category.
  4. In the screen that appears, complete the connection information, read options, and write options.
  5. Click Test to verify whether the connection is successful.
  6. Click Save to save the data source connection.

After the data source connection is saved, the schema of the data source is saved in the repository. At this stage, the real-time data has not been extracted yet.

The next step is to extract metadata.


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