Test Data Manager™ (TDM) is a self-service application that allows QA professionals to build test data on their own. Using this application, QA teams can build, store, manage, edit, subset, mask, and find test data required to cover test scenarios. Testers don't have to wait or search for the right test data.

In Agile software development, schedules are tight and pressure to deliver working software is huge. During the software delivery, testers wait longer to receive test data or they complete testing with insufficient or wrong data. This kind of approach could result in discovery of the same defects reported earlier. When no sufficient test data is available, comprehensive coverage of testing is difficult to achieve. Datagaps' TDM application addresses all such problems. With Test Data Manager, build test data quickly and easily, start testing early, and deliver working software on time.

Some of the Test Data Manager's capabilities include:

  • Mask PII data in production environments.
  • Easy provision of test data for testing complex test scenarios.
  • Create the right size of test data for the right context.
  • Create GDPR compliant-ready test data.
  • Reduced waiting time for testers to access the required test data.

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