Data Flow™ is a modern, web browser-based application for ETL, Data Management, and Data Synchronization projects. Use Data Flow to inject data from any of the varied data sources, apply changes, and load data changes to S3, HDFS or local storage. With fast and easy to set up, create and run dataflow in minutes. 

Data Flow can integrate with all modern and advanced data sources including RDBMS, NoSQL, Cloud, and File-Based.

Develop dataflow using components, collaborate concurrently in multiple dataflows, and see results quickly. There are more than 10 different components to ingest, processcheck data qualitycompare data between multiple sourcesrun and verify business rules, and synchronize data.

Some of the Data Flow capabilities include:

  • Build components from disparate locations.
  • Easy and quick to understand. 
  • Even new users can get up and run dataflow in minutes.
  • Single platform for data transformation, data comparison, data quality, and data synchronization.
  • Build and run dataflows in minutes.
  • Processes data fast and executes multiple requests in parallel.
  • Reconciles data with zero descrepancies.
  • Add value to the Data Analytics projects and save money.

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