SMTP Settings are used to set up user’s email address for inbound and outbound notifications about sharing of test plan run details.

The SMTP Settings page contains the following options:

Mail Server

Enter the email server.


Enter the port number of the email server.

Email Address

Enter your email address. This email account will be used for sending outbound notifications to your recipients.


Enter the password of the email address

Confirm Password

Re-type the password of the email address for confirmation purpose.

Timeout in sec

The time in seconds after which the email server stops processing the email notifications.

Enable SSL

Select this option if your email server supports SSL.

Test Email Address

Enter an email address to verify if the SMTP settings entered are correct. If successful, a test notification is sent to this email address.

Configuring SMTP Settings

To set up an email address, click the  Settings menu icon and click SMTP Settings. In the SMTP Settings page, complete all the required details, click Test to verify if the connection is successful, and click Save.


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