BI Validator v2.8.3 or later support testing automation of MicroStrategy reports, dashboards and documents. The very first step for creating a test for MicroStrategy is to create a new BI Connection for your environment.


BI Validator uses Task Administrator (TaskAdmin) for creating a session and retrieving the report catalog from Microstrategy using the Web API. So it is important to have access to the TaskAdmin for using the tool. Use the below URLs for testing the access to the TaskAdmin depending on whether your MicroStrategy server is hosted on IIS or Tomcat:




Task Administrator can be used to verify the access for creating a session. As per the MicroStrategy documentation below, the user need 'Web Server Administrator' privilege.

How does BI Validator use TaskAdmin?
Listed below are the Task API used by BI Validator internally for automating the testing of MicroStrategy Reports and Dashboards:

TaskAdmin API Name Purpose
Login to MicroStrategy and gets the session data
Load Catalog information such as folders, reports & documents
reportExecute Loads Report XML. Used to verify that the report exists.
Loads Report XML User to retrieve the list of prompts and their values

High-Level Steps for Adding a MicroStrategy Connection

Below are the high-level steps for adding a MicroStrategy Connection.

  1. Mouse hover over the  BI Connection menu icon and select MICROSTRATEGY from the options that appear. The Add MICROSTRATEGY Connection wizard appears with the Credentials page.
  2. On the Credentials page, enter connection details and click Test to verify if the connection is established successfully.
  3. Click Save and exit the wizard.

MicroStrategy Connection Wizard

Setting up the MicroStrategy connection is a one-step process, which requires filling the connection information. 

Credentials Page

The following image is the Credentials page.

This connection involves setting up the following:

Connection Name

BI Connection name to be created.

Enterprise URL

This is the URL for the MicroStrategy Secure Enterprise. The URL can vary slightly depending on whether your MicroStrategy server is running on Tomcat or Microsoft IIS.

Sample URL for Tomcat : 

Sample URL for IIS : http://datagaps16:8080/MicroStrategy/asp/main.aspx


Server name of BI connection

Server name can be located easily from the login URL for the MicroStrategy Secure Enterprise. A typical login URL for MicroStrategy Secure Enterprise looks like below:


The URL has 'Server=DATAGAPS16' string as one of the parameter. The server name in this case is DATAGAPS16.

If you have Single Signon and don't have the login page, you can look at the URL of the project you are trying to open from MicroStrategy Secure Enterprise.

User Name

Enter the username of MicroStrategy user.


Enter the password for the username.


Port is the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server. Leave 0 as default.


Enter a name of the project. Please make sure to enter the spaces and any character as they appear.

Authentication Type

Select the authentication type used by the MicroStrategy Server.

You can use MicroStrategy Task Administrator for testing the creation of a session. Below are the list of Authentication Types and their codes.

MWSStandard = 1

MWSNTCredential = 2

MWSPassThru = 4

MWSAnonymous = 8


MWSWarehousePassthru = 32

MWSSimpleSecurityPlugIn_MWSAuthTrusted = 64

MWSIntegrated = 128


If any of the above information is unknown to you, please contact your MicroStrategy administrator.

If your organization has set up MicroStrategy in the Single Sign-On environment and verifies user authentication against the Active Directory or Selenium, you can enable and configure the SSO/Web details for the MicroStrategy connection.


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