For Administrators only

This feature is available for BI Validator administrators only. Administrators need to create user accounts for users who wish to use BI Validator. The user admin comes by default with the installation of BI Validator. The default credentials for the admin user are username: admin and password: admin.

Adding a New User

Administrators create new user accounts for each BI Validator client. So, if you have purchased 10 BI Validator licenses, you will need to create 10 user accounts. Before adding a new user, please ensure the required groups are available.

To add a new user, click the  Settings menu icon and click Manager Users. Click New, complete all the details in the screen that opens, and click Save.

Editing a User

Administrators will need to modify the user details in scenarios like unlocking a user account and changing group allocations.

To edit an user, click the  Settings menu icon and click Manage Users. Click the edit icon in the row of the user you want to edit, modify all the required details in the screen that opens, and click Save.

Add/Edit User Details

The following details are available in the screen while adding or editing a user.

Full Name

The full name of the user. Follow the convention established by your organization.


Enter the email address of the user.

User Name

This field is read-only and cannot be edited after  the BI Validator Administrator has created the username.


This is the existing password used to log in to BI Validator.

Confirm Password

Re-enter the new password for confirmation purpose, so that a new password can be saved.

BI Validator Groups

Select which groups the user should be assigned to. You can select as many groups as you want.

Is Admin User

Select if you want to provide administrative privileges to the user.

Is LDAP User

Select this checkbox if the user is from the LDAP directory. When you select this checkbox, you will see a drop-down list to select the LDAP connection.

Delete a user

Administrators will need to clean up users when those users don’t require to log in to BI Validator anymore. As a result, you prohibit such users from accessing BI Validator by deleting the users.

To delete a user, click the  Settings menu icon and click Manage Users. In the Manage Users page, click the delete icon in the row of the user you want to delete. In the confirmation message box that appears, click OK.


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