BI Validator Server provides web-based reporting and test execution of scheduled test plans. BI Validator Server is also needed if you want to invoke test plans remotes using a command line tool or the REST API interface. It comes with an embedded Tomcat and JRE.

BI Validator Server can be easily setup by downloading and install BI Validator Server software. It comes pre-configured to work with the default PostgreSQL repository database. The properties file at this location has the repository connection details :


BI Validator Server runs as a windows service as shown below. If you change any of the server properties, please restart BI Validator windows service process: 

If you are using active directory for accessing your BI environment, please modify the 'Log On As' user property for the BI Validator Server windows service.

BI Validator Reports can be accessed by navigating to the following link: http://localhost:6090/BIValidatorService

The default password for 'admin' user is pre-populated. The password for the web reports is encrypted version of your BI Validator Client password. This can found by accessing the top right corner menu: Admin > Settings > My Account.

To update the Server url, click the  Settings icon and click Manage Server. In the Manage Server page, update the Server Url field, and click Save.


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