High-Level Steps for Adding a BI Publisher Connection

Below are the high-level steps for adding a BI Publisher connection.

  1. Mouse hover over the  BI Connection menu icon and select BI_PUBLISHER from the options that appear. The Add BI PUBLISHER Connection wizard appears with the Credentials page.
  2. On the Credentials page, enter connection details and click Test to verify if the connection is established successfully.
  3. Click Save and exit the wizard.

BI Publisher Connection Wizard 

BI Validator uses a SOAP API for executing tests. 

Setting up the BI Publisher connection is a one step process, which requires filling the connection information. 

BI Publisher URL

BI Publisher URL should be provided in the format http://<hostname>:<port>/xmlpserver

BI Validator Groups

Select which groups can access the BI Publisher connection.


User should exist in BI Server as well 


Enter the password for the BI Publisher user.

WebService Version

For 10G use Version5 and others use Version6


Impersonate User or Act As User

If any of the above information is unknown to you, please contact your BI Publisher administrator.

If your organization has set up BI Publisher in the Single Sign-On environment and verifies user authentication against the Active Directory or Selenium, you can enable and configure the SSO/Web details for the BI Publisher connection.


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