Upgrading BI Validator is simple and easy, as no major pre-upgrade preparation is required. If you are using a PostgreSQL database as respository, just back up the files to the <Install_Directory>\app\Datagaps\Repository\pgsql\data folder. For complete instructions, see Backup and Restore.

When you are ready to upgrade the BI Validator application, remove the existing setup by uninstalling the BI Validator application from Windows' Add or Remove Programs feature. Follow the instructions prompted while the installer completely uninstalls BI Validator. During the upgrade process, the BI Validator repository database is not effected, leaving all your data as is. 

Upgrading Desktop Edition 

After the BI Validator Desktop Edition is uninstalled, download the latest version and run the installer to finish the installation successfully. For instructions on installing Desktop Edition, see here

Upgrading Multi-User Edition

After the BI Validator Client, BI Validator Server, and BI Validator Desktop are uninstalled, download the latest versions of Client, Server, and Desktop, and run the installers to finish the installation successfully. For instructions on installing Multi-User Edition, see here.

Information After the upgrade is completed successfully, please ensure the repository connection details are correct in the Configure Server screen. For step-by-step instructions, see here.


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