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Understanding BI Validator Reporting

The Reporting feature in BI Validator is a web-based feature. It lets users export reports to PDF and Excel formats, to view test plans and test runs, run test plans, and view log information. Users that log in to BI Validator Reporting will see the data they have access to. This means, if you are a part of 3 BI Validator Groups,  you can view only the BI connections and test plans that are mapped to those 3 Groups.  

Information BI Validator Reporting works in client-server setup mode only.

Signing in to BI Validator Reporting

You can sign in to Reporting feature from the BI Validator application. The credentials to sign in remains the same, except the user has to enter the password in encrypted format. To sign in to BI Validator Reporting, from within the BI Validator application, click the Reports menu icon. A browser opens BI Reporting with Login page displayed. Enter your username and encrypted password, and click Login

Information The password in encrypted format is available in the My Accounts page.

Navigating in the BI Validator Reporting

Logging in to Reporting feature displays the user interface, in which menu options appear to allows users to view and run test plans, view log information for Client, Server, and BI Reporting, and export test plans and test runs. 

The available menu options in the BI Validator Reporting are described in the table below:

Option User Interface Description
1 Dashboard This is the first page the users see after logging in to BI Validator Reporting. The Dashboard page contains charts displaying the count of test plans available per BI connections, test plan types, and user.
2 Test Plans This menu option displays test plans for each type. For more information, see Test Plans.
3 Test Runs This menu option displays test runs of all test plans. For more information, see Test Runs
4 Tools This menu contains following sub-menu options: Print, Client Log, Server Log, and BI Reporting Log. For more information, see Tools.
5 <User> The user who logged in to BI Validator Reporting. Contains options to navigate to the Support portal and log out from the BI Validator Reporting.


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