Start the BI Validator by double-clicking the desktop icon or by searching for the BI Validator in Windows Programs. The BI Validator opens and displays the Login page. Enter User Name, Password, and Repository. You will need to enter your LDAP credentials if your administrator has integrated the application with an LDAP directory. If your are not sure about your credentials, please check with your BI Validator administrator. After entering all the correct details, click Log In.

Before logging in to BI Validator, ensure correct repository is selected. If you want to add a repository, please refer to the steps here.

Sometimes, when you are logging in for the first time after upgrade, you will be prompted for applying database scripts. Be sure to click OK and run the scripts.

If you encounter a blank screen upon launching BI Validator, please make sure that the correct version of BI Validator Client/Desktop is installed.


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