In this section, you will get a comprehensive understanding on the usage of BI Validator Reporting.


In BI Validator Reporting, clicking the Dashboard menu displays a dashboard with the following data:

  • Count of BI connections, test plans, test plan runs in a week, and test plans having labels
  • Charts for Test Plans By Type, Test Plans By BI Connection, and Test Plans Created By User

Clicking the count number in TEST PLANS navigates the user to the Test Plans menu.

Test Plans 

In BI Validator Reporting, clicking the Test Plans menu opens test plans in a grid.

In the grid, you can perform the following:

  • Group test plans by dragging the column header to the top portion in the grid
  • Sort columns in ascending and descending order, keep or remove columns, and apply filters on columns
  • Clicking on a test plan opens the Test Plan Run Summary page

The Test Plans page contains the following options:

Test Plans Filter

This is a panel which appears on the right-hand side. Users can select a test plan type to view the test plans of that type.

Search By Test Plan Name 

Search for test plans by typing the search criteria. 


Click to refresh test plans in the grid.


Click to export the test plan rows to Excel.

Test Runs 

In BI Validator Reporting, clicking Test Runs opens a grid displaying test plans and their run details.

Clicking on the test plan name further opens the Test Plan Summary page. This page lists the run Ids for the test plan and their run statuses.

The Test Plan Summary page contains the following options:


Click to run the test plan

Export As Excel 

Click to save the grid as Excel

Export As PDF 

Click to save the grid as PDF

By clicking on the run Id you can drill down further to view the Report Test Plan Run Details page. This page lists all the reports that were executed for the run Id.  At the top of the Report Test Plan Run Details page, the detailed statistics such as overall result, count of reports, and run status of each report is displayed. Also, you can export the grid to Excel and PDF formats.


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