BI Validator transforms the testing of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse projects using our patented ELV architecture.

ELV architecture consists of the following three steps:

-Extract test data including test execution meta data from heterogeneous data sources and applications

-Load the test data into a test result data store (work schema) and benchmark it

-Validate test data by comparing it with benchmark data and/or test data from other sources

BI Validator supports extraction of report and dashboard data from Business Intelligence tools such as OBIEE, Cognos, Business Objects, Micro-strategy, Tableau and loads them into a repository. It further automates the extraction of report execution meta data like the SQL Query generated by Oracle BI Server and loads it into a repository database. BI Validator automates benchmarking of report data and report meta data so that it can be used for comparison of results from a later run.

Some of the validations that can run on the test data include comparison of Dashboard and Report UI, database queries generated by reports and report execution run times.


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