BI Validator Client

BI Validator Client provides the user interface for creating and executing tests. It is a windows based application that requires .Net Framework. It comes with an embedded repository so that the tests can be executed in a standalone mode without any other needs.

BI Validator Repository

BI Validator Client comes with an embedded PostgreSQL database that stores the meta data related to test cases, execution plans, connections and administration. BI Validator also supports Oracle database 11g/12c  repository for multi-user environment so that Test Plans can be shared across the team. Oracle 11g/12c/18c/19c repository is also needed in order to use the BI Validator Server.

BI Validator Server

BI Validator Server is a windows based service that is responsible for executing scheduled Test Plans. BI Validator Server can also be used to execute Test Plans from command line, useful for Continuous Integration.


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